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ASSP Pine Belt Chapter
Strategic Plan


Vision Statement

The Pine Belt Chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) will be the leading regional Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) resource for industry, students, and safety professionals in our area of operation.


Mission Statement

The Pine Belt Chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) is a regional association, which provides professional development, a network of practicing safety professionals, education, student development and resources for those engaged in the practice or study of safety, health and the environment. The Pine Belt Chapter of ASSP provides services to the private and public sector to protect people, property and the environment.


Guiding Principles and Values

The Chapter will adhere to the American Society of Safety Professionalís purpose
and mission and will consistently align the Chapterís activities accordingly.

The Chapter will adhere to the highest ethical standards in all of its activities and actions.

The Chapter will serve as good stewards of funds collected and distributed
and ensure funds are expended to further Chapter and society missions.

The Chapter will provide its members with quality professional networking, relevant educational sessions and individual support.

The Chapter will endeavor to promote safety and health awareness in all community interaction.


The Chapter membership is comprised of a diverse group of knowledgeable
       EHS professionals representing multiple sectors of industry.

The Chapter membership has individuals who are passionate about safety
       and motivated to support the vision and mission of ASSP and the Pine Belt Chapter.

The Chapter serves a large geographic area. This physical dispersion of
       members creates challenges for members to attend meetings.

Economic instability has reduced the ability of members to afford ASSP membership.
         Employers are downsizing and employees are challenged to fulfill employment responsibilities.

Increase Chapter growth by 10%
Develop & facilitate EHS seminars for our market area
Increase Chapter exposure in our area of operation 

Continuation of current economic conditions
Lack of area business development
Membership apathy

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Short Term (FY 2009)

        Complete and submit all ASSP reports on time
         Update the Bylaws for the Chapter
Survey the membership and update the Chapter website according to memberís needs
Develop Chapter Strategic Plan
Secure monthly meeting speaker and topic content 4 months in advance
Develop activities to involve student members
Increase membership to 60
Organize Chapter records to facilitate smooth transition of new officers and committee chairs
Research and consider joining (Area Development Partnership) ADP
Develop partnership with the Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM)

Long Term (3 Year Plan)

         Review and update Bylaws annually
Send at least one representative to the annual leadership conference
Submit all Society reports prior to the deadline
Attend and assist (student members) with the Regional Professional Development Conference (PDC)
Provide Chapter funds to assist student attendance at the Regional PDC
Research charitable donation opportunities in our area of operation